About Talmundo_

Employee onboarding made simple

Talmundo is a fast-growing international scale-up, whose B2B SaaS platform helps employers all over the world, such as ABN AMRO, Bacardi, TUI, N26, and Lufthansa, revolutionize their employee onboarding experience. It was launched in 2012 by Stijn, our former CEO, with the aim to modernize and simplify onboarding activities with the employee experience as the main driver.

At Talmundo, we bring our own professional experience in HR, mix in a solid development team, and add a dose of solid design to bring your organization an HR tool that you will want to implement. Our mobile-friendly cloud software turns an employee onboarding process that is often fragmented, ineffective or boring into a structured, intuitive and exciting experience for all involved.


Our software blends HR best practices with a company's culture to deliver a great onboarding experience that will positively impact their business by getting new hires up and running and integrated faster. In short: we ensure that businesses benefit from an engaged, committed and happy workforce!

Our family_

We’re not just colleagues, we’re family

  • We're hikers, explorers, camper vanners, race cyclists, cake bosses, mud masters, do it yourselvers, runners, escape room fanatics, drag racers, programmers, cappuccino lovers, diabolo artists, guitar players, singers, cross fitters, plant lovers, professional baristas, photographers, tech geeks, belly dancers, parents, and pet lovers. Diverse as we are in geography, lifestyle and interest, we're united by a common set of values and our passion in working for this amazing company. 
  • We support and celebrate differences, and as a company, we thrive on them. We embrace diversity of thought. Feel free to be you and to be different; life would be boring if we were all the same! We actively look for and hire people who bring new perspectives and experiences to our family. We have an inclusive environment where you can thrive professionally and personally. Most importantly, we want you to feel at home at Talmundo. 
  • We put a lot of focus on value alignment during the hiring process: we want you to align with the most important part of our culture and still bring in what makes you unique and special. Caring, curiosity, courage & a passionate mindset are some of the essentials we look for in candidates. We value people who have a positive can-do attitude, are driven by creating impact and leveraging their entrepreneurial skills, demonstrate strong ownership and bring a genuine team spirit. Our culture evolves continuously and that’s cool as long as each of us can relate to our values and is inspired by our vision.
  • We want the best people, that’s why we hire without the confines of geography. We are an international team of talented people from different cultural backgrounds. Out of about 25 colleagues, we represent 13 nationalities. We’re from Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Curaçao, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Moldova, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, and The Netherlands.

    If you thrive from working as part of a diverse and remote team, are excited by digging right in and learning from your colleagues, 

    and want to have real impact while building a great product and company, this is the place for you!

Meet our people_

Our people define our success

A week in the life of_

Ellen Joris, Head of Implementation

What is it like to be Head of Implementation within the Customer Success Team at Talmundo? We decided to check in with Ellen Joris to find out more. Ellen started her career path at Talmundo in June 2018 as Customer Onboarding Manager. After 10 months of highly efficient work, she was promoted to Head of Implementation. Together with the CS team, Ellen puts much effort to build strong, long term relations with our clients and deliver the best experience.

"As Head of Implementation and together with my team we make sure all our implementations go as smoothly as possible and we translate our customers’ needs and goals into their onboarding app. We’re the direct link between our customers’ expectations and experiences and our solution, which gives us valuable input to continuously improve the way we work. My role offers me the perfect balance between operations and strategy and gives me the opportunity to work with and learn from so many different organizations. Never a dull day at Talmundo!" 

Meet some of our teams_

A few words from your future colleagues

Our mission statement_


"Talmundo gives every onboardee a human and personalized experience 

while enabling businesses to strategically build an engaged, balanced and productive workforce. 

Our culture code_

What we stand for

We are transparent about the good and the bad.

We believe that flexibility and autonomy come with trust and ownership.

We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do by working together towards a clear purpose.

We challenge the status quo and solve for the long-term win.

We put family first (however you might define that). Talmundo is our shared family.

We celebrate our wins and learn from our losses.

Our values_

What we believe in

Or values represent who we are and what we stand for.

They are at the heart of our business and guide us in our day-to-day behavior and the way we do business.

They help us focus on doing what’s right for our customers, shareholders and employees.


You define how you work, where you work and when you work. We give you the freedom, responsibility and trust you need to thrive. With candor and constructive feedback, we stay critical and help each other develop and improve ourselves.


We share information, knowledge and context to help you see the bigger picture. We share the good and the bad and we keep it real. We don’t hide or shy away can from problems. Mistakes are part of the innovation and learning process; learn from them and don’t make the same mistake twice.


Collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of our work, our products and our success. There is no such thing as oversharing or over communicating when working in a team of people spread across locations. Share early and often. Helping each other is a must.


We are proud of what we deliver by not compromising on the quality of our work. We strive for excellence and do not accept sloppy work. We constantly raise the bar and expect you to do the same. We bring focus and are committed to deliver success. Our clients' success is our success.


We constantly strive to improve ourselves, our team, and our product. We welcome creative thinking, brilliant insights & ideas for improvement. We give you the freedom to explore and stretch the boundaries of the possible. Whatever we do, we want to do it better than our competitors, and better than we’ve done before.

Continuous Learning

We encourage curiosity, critical thinking and questions. Speak up and ask for help when you don’t understand or know how. We believe that you are at your best when you do what you really like, so we encourage continuous education and support your ambitions where we can. 

A new reality

Making the best of a new situation

With everyone currently working 100% remotely, it's even more important to make sure everyone feels connected and stays connected. Many of us miss the social interactions, the annual get together & team meetings and the office vibe that go with working together at our HQ.

Like many companies, we are trying to find a good way to translate our culture to the remote world in these challenging times. To make sure we keep our social vibe going, we have organized various initiatives from a Slack coffee break channel and virtual parties to cocktail hours. And of course, we regularly check in with each other, helping each other as much as possible to adjust to the new reality and to keep our spirits high.

Let's all do our part to flatten the curve! 

Social activities_

Good times and crazy friends

We regularly organize fun activities with our team. From Friday afternoon drinks at the Schiphol office to dinner parties and golf tournaments. Of course, we have now moved our activities online but we soon hope to get together in person again. Feel free to join! 

And since we love a good party, Halloween is right up our sleeve!😀 As an open invitation to be - and dress as - just about anything or anyone and create some crazy and spooky Halloween looks, Halloween is a great excuse to show a new or unexpected side of ourselves. Not to mention that it's just loads and loads of fun!

And we all love good food; at times. We've tasted Ángel's amazing Spanish tortilla, and Claudia made us some Brazilian Brigadeiros and coconut chips. Anju took it to another level when she made Indian Gulab Yamoon. Yummie!

Team activities_

Teamwork rules

We love a challenge and are known to rally everyone to participate in sportive team challenges such as a marathon, or an obstacle run. In The Netherlands, some colleagues launched a cycling club, Peloton de Talmundo, that goes out touring at least once a month. One colleague has even developed a health app to support us in embarking on a more healthy lifestyle journey. We us it parallel to our weekly Monday morning workout session.🤸‍♂️

Indeed, we work hard, not only inside the office! In 2019, several of us participated in the 12km obstacle run at the Biddinghuizen Mud Masters. It was loads of fun with some great teamwork to help each other complete the run. 

Activities like these are great to get a sweat on and learn something new, but they also foster great teamwork & cooperation and are great fun.

A new start_

What a new job means to me

Our hiring process_

What to expect when interviewing for a role at Talmundo

Your journey begins with applying to Talmundo either through our career site, or through job boards. There are roles for which we join forces for the hiring process with ONE, the recruitment agency, and for some roles we recruit directly ourselves. Our approach to interviewing is not set in stone, it really depends on you and the role we’re looking to fill. We prefer to speak to you in person at our HQ, but in case that is not possible we are flexible and open to using Google Hangouts, Slack or Skype.

What we need and expect from you: 

Be prepared. Ask questions. Be curious. Be yourself. Provide honest feedback.

After reviewing your profile, ONE will call you for a phone screen to get an understanding of your background, skills, interests & motivation for wanting to join Talmundo.

You will first have a chat with the hiring manager, who can share more about Talmundo and the role that is offered, followed by a conversation with the HR manager who will focus on cultural fit. 

This is another opportunity for you to really show us that you’re the best person for the job and a chance for us to take another good look at you and decide if you’re a good fit.

You will be asked to complete a test within 1,5 hours in order to assess your coding, technical & problem solving skills. It will be reviewed afterwards with members from the IT team.

If you’ve made it here, you will have impressed us and we are excited for you to join our team! We will make you an offer that you simply can’t refuse.

Perks & benefits_

More reasons to love us

  • Location - Centrally located office in Amsterdam
  • Work-life integration - Flexible, remote working policy
  • Development - Training & coaching and fast-track development opportunities
  • Opportunity - Fast growing European HR tech scale-up
  • Our team - Young, dynamic, fun and international
  • Offer - Competitive package, pension, 26 vacation days, public transport allowance
  • Team building - Team events, bi-annual off-sites with the team, get togethers every other month
  • Recognition - Spotlight awards to celebrate individual and team achievements
  • Health - Sportive team activities

Find us_

Where we are based

Talmundo HQ

Spaces Schiphol Airport


What is being said about us

Curious about what job applicants and employees are saying about us?  Check out our reviews on 

Feedback on our hiring process: 

  • "I really liked how transparent and quick the hiring process was. The interviews that I had, had a very personal, friendly and non-intimidating tone compared to other companies. Also, I really enjoyed that day at the off-site, so thank you again for inviting me :)"   Katharina - July 2019
  • "I was really happy about the quick actions that were taken to make me feel comfortable and make this job available for me. I felt welcome, needed and included at all times which made the experience unique and special."   Gabriela - July 2019
  • "The best hiring process I've been through - clear and well though-out, felt valued throughout the entire process."   Jesse - August 2019
  • "Very clear and swift, I had the feeling that the company made an effort to sell me their vision and show me that I would be a good fit. And also that I was viewed a strong candidate that they wanted on the team."   Mihai - October 2019   
  • "The hiring process including the cv check and interview went incredible fast. The feedbacks were also very responsive. I think I have never been through such efficient hiring process before."   Harissa - October 2019
  • "Everything went very smoothly, Esther has given me the best support! Thanks again to her."   Romane - September 2020
  • "The hiring process took a bit longer then other organisations, but it was the most smooth process I have ever had while applying for a job. Communication was very clear and fast. This is great for both parties."   Len - October 2020
  • "The hiring process I have been through has been clear and smooth, I was promptly advised on what would have been the next step and when I would have heard more about the outcome. I am excited about starting this new adventure within Talmundo."   Martina - January 2021